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The School Curriculum
In St. Thomas’ Primary School we follow the values and principles for the curriculum as set out in ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’.
 It affirms that ACfE is for all young people in all educational settings and that it should support them  in a range of ways which helps them to maximise their potential.  At the heart lies the aspiration that all children and young people should be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors (that is they should develop in the four capacities).
It defines the scope of the new curriculum as extending beyond subjects to include :
  • The ethos and life of the school
  • Curriculum areas and subjects
  • Interdisciplinary projects and studies
  • Opportunities for wider achievement.
Children and young people enjoy making progress and find satisfaction in meeting the challenges posed by a curriculum that engages and motivates them. 
In St. Thomas’ Primary School we recognise that children and young people progress at different rates and we have a great focus of teaching the skills of literacy and numeracy to ensure they are prepared for their future lives.
The Curriculum is now organised under the following headings;
·         Expressive Arts
·         Health and Wellbeing
·         Languages
·         Mathematics
·         Religious and Moral Education
·         Science
·         Social Studies
·         Technologies
Teachers plan exciting and challenging disciplinary studies where each of the curriculum areas makes its own unique contribution to developing the four capacities of children and young people.  Teachers have much more freedom to teach in innovative and creative ways. We encourage our children to contribute to the planning and design of our curriculum through sharing with their teachers what they want to learn. This ensures that our curriculum is personal and relevant to all of our children.
In St. Thomas’ Primary School we plan creatively the experiences and outcomes in new and imaginative ways e.g. through wider cross curricular links, outdoor learning, interdisciplinary learning and through being responsive to current world events.
In St Thomas’ Primary School, assessment is an integral part of our daily learning and teaching.  Teachers use assessment practices which involve high quality interactions with children and young people based on thoughtful questions, careful listening and reflective responses which help children to achieve their aims and to develop their learning and thinking skills. All classes are actively involved in developing our children’s Higher Order Thinking Skills through all areas of the curriculum. Our teachers work closely with our children to give them high quality feedback that allow our children to reflect upon their progress and set their next steps within their learning. The children then focus upon these next steps within their Personal Learning Plans and these are shared with home and reviewed at Parents’ Evening.